Marriage imPACT

Connect | Commit | Co-Create

Don’t just plan a wedding, plan a marriage.


Duration: 12 Hours (4 Sessions of 3 hours each)

Methodology: One On One Sessions


Who should attend?

Couples to be who want to create a joyful, loving and soulful marriage that lasts a lifetime.
Why must you attend?
This is what you can you expect to gain from the Marriage imPACT coaching program.
  • A deeper understanding of you and your partner’s core needs and all that drives you and them in life.
  • Understand why you do, what you do! What is the thinking behind the thinking?
  • What are the different shades of your and your partner’s personalities! How could that impact how you relate with each other? What are your strengths and weaknesses and how you could use them to your advantage to build a solid marriage.
  • Understanding each other’s love language so you can build a deep intimate relationship with each other.
  • Identify and bust all the subconscious beliefs that may stop you from creating a loving marriage with your partner.
  • Understand all that it takes to build a loving, passionate and intimate relationship and create a roadmap to take you there.
  • Learn how to ignite the passion in your relationship and keep it the same throughout your life.
  • Learn how to get present to your relationship so you can create a lasting unshakeable bond.
  • Jointly create your marriage code of honor – the set of values and principles to which you will adhere to during your entire marital journey.
  • Envision your life together and create a joint dream board for your marital life.

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